I miss my dad 😭
07.27.14 /17:23
Finally get to wear these again.
07.27.14 /17:21
Kelis feat. Too $hort
Bossy (Dirty)



an era

My god
2006 was not a good time

I just thought this was nice 
07.06.14 /20:45/ 2
Proud Canadian ft. Mt. Ozzard. (Ps. I wanna climb this Mt. Someone come here and adventure with me) ⛺️ (at Ucluelet, British Columbia)
07.05.14 /18:06
I have the best family! Yum yum yum #smokedfish #upsquee 😍
07.04.14 /15:15/ 1
Besties 😊
06.23.14 /00:29
06.14.14 /14:10

Proud of myself for eating a healthy dinner. Ruin it by eating so much icecream!

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